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the bliss of happiness
version 1.0
26th-Sep-2008 07:08 pm - 006 - 42 icons

I never knew that I would come back. Lols, well, who knows when my next post will be?

This time I bring you 42 Big Bang icons from their MV 'Always' (because I like the colours :O)



the sea/sky of blue-nessCollapse )
10th-Jul-2008 11:47 am - 005 - 20 icons
Hey everyone!
It's been a month since my last icon post and I am sorry about that x_x!
Sadly, I only have 20 icons this time.
The next icon post, won't be until after August 4th.
As I will be on a hiatus starting on the 12th.

This time, the icons are featuring Heechul and Leeteuk (for their July birthdays).

[10] Heechul
[10] Leeteuk


17th-Jun-2008 04:17 pm - 004 - 25 icons/3 banners

Hello everyone!
My fourth icon batch.
For Nino's birthday :D!

[25] Ninomiya Kazunari ('One Love' PV)
[3] 'FO' Banners


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